Doctor Who Arrangements & Sheet music

The following are arrangements of music from Doctor Who, as composed by Murray Gold and orchestrated by Ben Foster.

Most of these arrangements are for two pianos and most of them require quite advanced skills at the piano. I’m not a fan of the basic “bass, melody and a few chords” approach to arrangements. Rather, I prefer arrangements that attempt to reflect the orchestration of the music. After all, Ben Foster does such an amazing job on Murray’s music, and these are as much an attempt to map out the music in full, as to allow fans to play it. Feel free to reduce the parts, if you have trouble.

Note that many of these, I’m still actively working on. Hence, new versions may appear from time to time. And the current versions may include mistakes. Some of the arrangements are already slightly different to the versions heard in the videos.

This is just a simple, temporary page to allow download of the sheet music. Eventually, I’ll finish this site proper and this page will be relocated. Until then, feel free to use the YouTube videos for feedback or questions – or send me a private message from there.



Important: These arrangements are made available free of charge for educational purposes and fans’ personal entertainment. Do NOT use these arrangements in public performances, whether for profit or not, without express permission from Murray Gold and the BBC. Do NOT distribute them either, whether for profit or not – not because I own them, but because BBC and Murray Gold still do.

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Apr. 10, 2012:Treble clef version of the sheet music for “The Same Rain”.
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Apr. 8, 2012:Added solo piano sheet music for “Don’t”.
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Series 7

Clara Oswin Oswald

New companion, new theme. And what a theme it is. This is an early “Work in Progress” arrangement. Not quite playable yet, not quite fleshed out – and Murray’s still coming up with new variations and additions as I’m writing this note...

Series 6

River (suite for two pianos)

Murray Gold has written a plethora of music for the character of River Song. This is just some of it (and includes bits that weren’t originally written for her, but ended up being associated with her in later episodes).

Major spoilers for series 6 below! Note that if you haven’t watched series 6 yet, you really shouldn’t be reading this or the sheet music. You have been warned.

The suite consists of the following themes:

  • The Song of Song
  • Don’t
  • River’s Path
  • A River of Tears
  • The Doctor’s Final Journey
  • Tell Me Who You Are
  • When a River Forms
  • The Enigma of River Song (excerpt)
  • The Wedding of River Song
  • Melody

Come Along Pond

A bit of a latin rhythm take on bits and pieces from “I Am the Doctor”, this piece accompanied the opening of the 2010 Christmas Special, “A Christmas Carol”.

Series 5

I Am The Doctor

The most well known theme for the 11th Doctor. This arrangement is based on the Proms 2010 version with a few added bits here and there.

This arrangement was completely rewritten in 2013. Both this (much preferred) version and the original arrangement can be found below.

  • Jun. 15, 2013: Completely rewritten “2013” arrangement.
  • Jan. 15, 2011: Fixed chords in bar 27 and a few overlapping notes between hands.

The Pandorica Suite

The Pandorica suite in its entirety, as performed at the 2010 Doctor Who Proms. This includes several themes from the two part series 5 finale, including:

  • Who Else Is Coming?
  • This is Where It Gets Complicated
  • The Same Sonic
  • The Patient Centurion
  • The Perfect Prison
  • I Am the Doctor in a different arrangement

I include a video here with the original orchestral performance, editing based heavily on Richard Senior’s original video for the Proms.

The performed parts of the original were recorded with a couple of bent ribs and some torn muscles, and were quite a bit too restrained as a result. I recently did a (I think) much better recording (although bits have been left in from the original).

The video has now been updated to include the new recording.

  • Jan. 15, 2011: Fixed a few overlapping notes between hands.
  • May 31, 2011: Added improved recording.
  • Sep. 25, 2011: Added video and sheet music for revised arrangement (and new recording).
  • Nov. 30, 2012: Some additions and fixes.

A Lonely Decision

First heard at the end of “The Beast Below”, this piece was reused in later seasons, most famously accompanying Amy's letter in “The Angels Take Manhattan”.

An Untimely Arrival (Prologue & Down to Earth)

An Untimely Arrival was the title used at the 2010 Proms for a combination of Down to Earth and a prologue based on “I Am the Doctor”.

Fish Custard

There’s still some fleshing out to do on this one, so the PDF is not yet available.

  • MP3
  • YouTube video (no longer available)
  • PDF not yet available. (2 piano arrangement)

A River of Tears

This cue was most memorably used towards the end of “The Big Bang” (the title obviously takes its name from Amy’s reaction to River’s empty diary), but has been used in several episodes in series 6 too. Of course, its chord progression also lends itself to most later themes relating to River Song.

The original piece gets a lot of its haunting effect from reversed orchestra samples. The piano version will have to do without those.

See “River (suite)”

River’s Path

Action music from the beginning of “The Time of Angels”.

See “River (suite)”

Series 4

The Song of Song

From “Silence in the Library”. Despite the title, this isn’t actually music for River Song as such (although it includes a cue for the Doctor wondering about River’s diary). In the episode, it underscores the Doctor’s attempts to contact CAL.

See “River (suite)”


AKA “That Music from Midnight”. This was reused (and thus heard earlier) in “Silence in the Library” for River’s realisation that the Doctor hasn’t met her, as well as her reactions to his younger self.

Although reused in both series 5 and 6, the piece has never been released on a soundtrack, but Stephen Willis came up with this title, which seems very apt for both of the early appearances.

See “River (suite)”

Series 3

This is Gallifrey – Our Childhood, Our Home

An attempt at reconstructing the full orchestral score for the concert version of “This is Gallifrey”. Unfinished (most notably lacking in woodwinds and some unplayable bits), but some have wanted it anyway.

The Doctor Forever

Two pianos, work in progress. The second theme Murray wrote for the Tenth Doctor (well, technically, The Doctor’s Theme was written for the Ninth), specifically for his adventures with Martha Jones during series 3, although it also appeared during series 4. Ethereal choir, epic fanfare and swashbuckling action.

All the Strange, Strange Creatures (The Trailer Music)

Originally written for “42”, used first in “Gridlock” and reused several times in seasons 3, 4 and the specials. This started out as an attempt at reconstructing the score, turned into a solo piano version, which I was unhappy with. Recently, I gave it another shot for two pianos, then reduced the result of that to a new solo piano arrangement.

  • Jan. 15, 2011: Fixed a few overlapping notes between hands.

Donna’s Theme

This arrangement is based on Donna’s theme from The Runaway Bride (as opposed to the series 4 theme). While many of these arrangements are more accurate than really fun to play, this is rather close to being both.

Series 2

Series 1

Cassandra’s Waltz

The theme for the ever-so-delightful Lady Cassandra O'Brien.Δ17, used throughout “The End of the World”.

Rather than — as with most other arrangements on this page — trying to stick closely with the orchestral (or, in this case, mainly electronic) score, this one mostly retains the melodic and harmonic centre, while loosely basing some embellishments on Gold’s original arrangement, as well as the orchestration of the live performance in Cardiff in 2006.

The first piano takes charge of most of the theme itself, while the second piano mainly adds those embellishments - meaning this can mostly be used for solo performance straight from the sheets.

Another very very early arrangement, slightly retouched for release.


Bill McGuffie: Smash (from Daleks – Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.)

This won’t turn into a habit, but...

Someone requested this, and while I never do requests, this particularly piece was so interesting, I had to try. Never heard from the requester again, but whatever... Guess I’ll just post the piece here then.

This is a transcription of the piano part of Bill McGuffie’s brilliant piece “Smash” from the second 60’s Daleks film. Drum kit and trumpet not included.

Since my YouTube channel is really dedicated to the series, there’s no video for this. But here are the sheets as well as an MP3.